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You Need to do SEO on Your Website; Everyone Knows That!

Lately, I’ve been noticing the clever Geico commercials where two people happen to be chatting about car insurance. One person will tell the other how Geico can save you money, to which the second person replies “Everyone knows that!” The first person, clearly feeling embarrassed, decides to come up with a snappy response trying to… Read more »


Getting the Spammer’s Out of Google

Google’s personal vendetta against spam. For years, Google has been working to clean up spam from the internet. Their goal has been a lofty one which has affected how businesses market themselves online. Google’s efforts have brought about a veritable zoo of algorithm updates, as I’ve talked about in the past. Each of these updates… Read more »


Wisdom of Dissecting Data

The world of marketing is now more complicated than ever, and digital marketing can be a struggle for many business owners to grasp. It may be difficult to understand how SEO, SEM, paid search, and social media, among others, all work together and the tactics behind them. But at least you can rest easy knowing digital… Read more »