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It’s Not All “Fails”: Pinterest & Branding

The popular social media branding site, Pinterest, is commonly known for those “Pinterest Fails” when it comes to cooking, baking, and DIY projects. While this is a humorous yet frustrating reality, the “Fails” do not belittle the power this platform holds in digital marketing and branding.


About That Monthly Social Media Report

I’ll be honest. I do not believe in social media analytics. Unless you are buying Facebook ads or boosting posts or creating sponsored stories, I do not believe you gain a lot of knowledge from monthly analytics of your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ business pages. Even more so for Pinterest. But, they should be provided… Read more »


Not All Social Networking Sites Are Created Equal

While researching prospective clients, I do a thorough analysis on their social media marketing efforts. Through all this stalking, I learn a great deal about the different strategies that companies use. I get a feel for what works and what doesn’t for different industries on each platform, and I cringe when I see businesses posting… Read more »