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What Jingles Can Teach Content Creators

In our world of overstimulation, it’s hard to get a brain’s attention and even harder to hold it. How can your writing cut through the cacophony and get “heard?” And how can it create brand loyalty or even generate sales? The human brain continually seeks patterns, likeness, and relationships. And it does its best memory… Read more »


The Holi-Daze: What Holiday Stress?

Have you noticed how this time of the year people either have a lot to do or a little to do, but somehow are always in a good mood? They are stressed about spending money on gifts, but excited to give. It’s a time of unique balance and it goes so fast we could almost… Read more »


Let’s Get Engaged: Eloping with Your Blog-Readers

Last week, our director of social media, Ron Giordan, wrote a blog announcing the end of an era for businesses that use Facebook. The Cliff Notes version: Put a fork in Facebook “Like-gating” and turn your energy toward creating content that is consistently engaging. Let’s talk about a few ways we do that with blogs,… Read more »