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The Journey

We are told it is about the journey and not the destination, but I think the milestones along the way are as important as the journey. For it is these milestones that help us measure the progress of our journey. Last week was one of those important milestones for Midwest Digital Marketing and for me…. Read more »


The Homer Simpson Guide To Link Building

Sure, link building is an integral part of your SEO campaign, but what would happen if you hired Homer Simpson?   Content?  We don’t need to write our own content, it takes too long to write.  Here, I copied this article from Wikipedia for you. I know this company who can get you 100s of… Read more »


Advice from a 20-something

How to Connect with the Uber-Connected Having been aggressively marketed to our entire lives, twenty-somethings are one of the hardest groups of people to sell to. We’re super-savvy about a lot of things, we’re well informed, and we’re immune to most traditional marketing techniques. We know that you’re trying to sell us something, and we’re… Read more »


A Decade, A Dream

10 years ago in February, Facebook came about. It’s hard to think that it’s already been 10 years. Whether you joined the social platform 10 years ago or 6 months ago, we can agree that it has made a huge impact in our lives. Below are a couple big milestones Facebook went through to get… Read more »