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A London Search Engine

This past summer, I had the opportunity of a lifetime studying abroad in London and become a human “search engine”! I went knowing no one and with no prior knowledge of the city. While I was excited and enthusiastically embraced this challenge, there was a lot of exploring necessary to begin navigating the city. Thank… Read more »


Consumer Choice and Online Strategy

Consumers Need Help Online As the owner of an older home, I have had my fair share of home projects. Being the live in landlord hero when a circuit breaks or a lightbulb goes out has its rewards. I have to say that I enjoy fixing and improving. Hanging a level shelf, utilizing lumber, refurbishing… Read more »


The Magic of Search Engine Marketing

I am the Director Search Engine Marketing Strategy for Midwest Digital Marketing. Sounds good, right? It is a pretty good gig, but what does it mean? I spend my days making sure client’s ads are found when potential customers are searching the web. Pretty straightforward, right? Until you start listing all the types of ads… Read more »