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Another Facebook News Feed Change

The Facebook News Feed has been changing a lot lately as the social networking giant tries to sure the user experience is more fun. Some of the changes to the Facebook news feed, though, have been detrimental to smaller, local business pages doing all they can to market themselves. Today, another change when it comes… Read more »


Keeping Up with the Joneses via Facebook

A few years ago I noticed that several of my neighbors owned an ice-chipping tool I didn’t have. I wouldn’t call myself a “Keeping Up with the Joneses” kind of person, but I just had to have one of those tools. It looked like a paint scraper on the end of a broomstick, and could… Read more »


A Decade, A Dream

10 years ago in February, Facebook came about. It’s hard to think that it’s already been 10 years. Whether you joined the social platform 10 years ago or 6 months ago, we can agree that it has made a huge impact in our lives. Below are a couple big milestones Facebook went through to get… Read more »