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Not All Social Networking Sites Are Created Equal

While researching prospective clients, I do a thorough analysis on their social media marketing efforts. Through all this stalking, I learn a great deal about the different strategies that companies use. I get a feel for what works and what doesn’t for different industries on each platform, and I cringe when I see businesses posting… Read more »


Risqué Writing for Businesses: Don’t Be Afraid to #@ing Say It

Hey, wild thing. I see you decided to join me down here below the rough language in my headline. Looking to slum it? Must be. You’re still reading. Obviously you’re not here to buy anything. Paying customers don’t like any sort of wild talk, right? That’s a bunch of bull-fill-in-the-blank. True, few businesses can get… Read more »


Voicing Your Brand, Branding Your Voice

Years ago I got paid to do some blurb-writing for Groupon. In spite of having authored a book, managed a newspaper, and directed publications for the National Endowment for Democracy—the Nicaraguan ambassador once greeted me like royalty because he thought I was with Dick Armitage—I have to admit I’m rather proud of my Groupon small… Read more »