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Audience of One

Forget writing to the masses. Forget writing to a wide audience. One person is all you need. When I sit down to write a blog for a client, I often start by looking through their social media sites to see what content people have already found engaging. That’s not all I’m trying to find, though…. Read more »


The Social Media Drug for Business

The first ever blog was written in the early ‘90s, a time when social networking was just an embryo we called AOL Instant Messaging. I’m old enough to remember those days and even my AOL handle, JoanieFire007. I’d sit in virtual conversations for hours on end, training my mind toward addiction, gobbling up the opiate… Read more »


Voicing Your Brand, Branding Your Voice

Years ago I got paid to do some blurb-writing for Groupon. In spite of having authored a book, managed a newspaper, and directed publications for the National Endowment for Democracy—the Nicaraguan ambassador once greeted me like royalty because he thought I was with Dick Armitage—I have to admit I’m rather proud of my Groupon small… Read more »