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SEO and Website Layout – Made in Heaven

SEO and Layout for a flawless experience. “Glorified Website Updater-er”, I take that title with pride. It gives me the opportunity to give the user an experience on the websites I helped build for clients and our radio station partners. I want the user to find what they are looking for without jumping through hoops,… Read more »


Home Sweet Home-Don’t Forget Home Page Content

As an SEO professional working alongside talented Website Developers, I sometimes have a difference of opinion on how we put together new client websites. Our Development team works hard for our clients to come up with aesthetically pleasing websites. Our clients are looking for graphically striking sites that have user friendly navigation, areas for image… Read more »


SEO and PPC – A Tale of Two Services

The change of seasons has me thinking integrated marketing strategies and how we can clearly communicate our thinking to clients and others. Recently the SEO team here at Mid-West Digital Marketing has been asked about “aggressive” SEO, or how can we “accelerate” our service for clients. The thought is that if a client needs help… Read more »