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Choosing the Right Keywords

Did you know choosing keywords for Search Engine Optimization is as exciting as professional sports? Seriously! When it comes to sports, every month brings new excitement. Currently one main focus for sports fans is the much anticipated NFL Draft. Sports Analysts begin the discussion of which NFL prospects will go where as soon as the… Read more »


A London Search Engine

This past summer, I had the opportunity of a lifetime studying abroad in London and become a human “search engine”! I went knowing no one and with no prior knowledge of the city. While I was excited and enthusiastically embraced this challenge, there was a lot of exploring necessary to begin navigating the city. Thank… Read more »


Does SEO Strategy Need a Process?

Can SEO work in a system? I’ve been working in the SEO world long enough to realize not all clients can be looked at the same way. When I first entered the mystical world of Search Engine Optimization I came into a situation that was in complete disarray. There was no system in place and… Read more »