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A Social Media Content Creator wrote a captivatingly vague headline on Facebook. Then this happened.

Chances are you’ve seen an article on Facebook with this type of headline (I call it the Mirage Headline, as it appears promising at first until further exploration). It is meant to elicit feelings of curiosity and exploit on basic human urge of knowing the end result. Facebook pages have been posting content with this… Read more »


Risqué Writing for Businesses: Don’t Be Afraid to #@ing Say It

Hey, wild thing. I see you decided to join me down here below the rough language in my headline. Looking to slum it? Must be. You’re still reading. Obviously you’re not here to buy anything. Paying customers don’t like any sort of wild talk, right? That’s a bunch of bull-fill-in-the-blank. True, few businesses can get… Read more »


Simplify and Prioritize

Does your desk look like this on a regular basis? Do you feel at the end of the day you were busy, but didn’t really accomplish anything you wanted to? Each of us leads a busy life. But how can we keep ourselves from going crazy with our lists of lists of to-dos Follow these… Read more »