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Conversion: Lead Generation to Purchasing Customer

As a Business owner, you know business strategies don’t always work well if they come in the “one size fits all” variety, especially when it comes to lead generation and conversion. How would you have a competitive advantage? When it comes to digital marketing there are a lot of options and opportunities for creating a… Read more »


The Jungle of Banner Ads and Which Ones to Use

Recently, a coworker showed me this graphic, and I sort of freaked out. Why is there so much advertising on a website? How would anyone know what your website is about if they can’t see anything but banner ads, interstitial banners, and moving, exploding videos playing—all interrupting your user experience? Sometimes it’s a mess. Sometimes… Read more »


Google Display Network

Banner Ads Banner ads have had a bad rap that goes way back to the days of shooting ducks, whacking gophers, and gyrating dancers with blaring music. Thankfully, for the most part, those days are behind us. What makes a banner ad good? Here are several steps to consider: 1.      Keep it simple A clear… Read more »