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Conversion: Lead Generation to Purchasing Customer

As a Business owner, you know business strategies don’t always work well if they come in the “one size fits all” variety, especially when it comes to lead generation and conversion. How would you have a competitive advantage? When it comes to digital marketing there are a lot of options and opportunities for creating a… Read more »


Looking Forward . . . Business Strategy (Digital Platforms)

Committing to change is a tough challenge, but once you start it gets easier when you see the benefits. We have been talking about your website, now let’s talk about how people find your website, just because you built a website and you put it out there on some server, people are not going to… Read more »


Looking Forward . . . Business Strategy

This is the time of year most people are thinking about New Year’s Resolutions and what they want to change for the coming year. This is also the time of year business owners might want to be looking at their business plans for the coming year and decide where changes need to be made. Let’s… Read more »