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What Comes First; The Push or the Pull (easier to answer than the chicken or egg)?

I have worked with hundreds of clients on their branding and marketing efforts with mass media (majority of it was radio) for the first 20 years of my career.  I reinvented myself in 2010 and started Mid-West Digital Marketing (with a lot of help and vision from some dear friends and mentors) because it filled… Read more »


How to Build Your Dream Team

What does it take to build a team? More importantly…what does it take to build a “dream” team? First and foremost, you always have to be recruiting.  Everywhere you go.  Everybody you connect with.  It never stops.  Even if you don’t have specific positions open, you still need to have conversations. You have to be… Read more »


Wisdom of Dissecting Data

The world of marketing is now more complicated than ever, and digital marketing can be a struggle for many business owners to grasp. It may be difficult to understand how SEO, SEM, paid search, and social media, among others, all work together and the tactics behind them. But at least you can rest easy knowing digital… Read more »