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Simplify and Prioritize

Does your desk look like this on a regular basis? Do you feel at the end of the day you were busy, but didn’t really accomplish anything you wanted to? Each of us leads a busy life. But how can we keep ourselves from going crazy with our lists of lists of to-dos Follow these… Read more »


Tools are Just Tools

It seems like everyone out there is looking for the “magic Method” for digital marketing. Whether Search Engine Optimization, or Social Media Marketing, companies are inundated with groups, telling them that they have the “tool”, or product they need to solve their internet marketing challenges, and by use of their product, you WILL get to… Read more »


Is the Client Always Right?

Have you ever had one of those weeks, that no matter what you say and do, it feels like everyone is taking their verbal frustrations out on you? And those frustrations were caused not by you, but your fellow industry peers? Well, I just had that kind of week. And frankly, what I heard from… Read more »