Michelle Lieck

Michelle Lieck

With over 15 years of website development and business management under my belt, I’ve carried a wide range of roles during this time including business systems analyst, e-commerce manager, business owner, vice president operations, project manager and web developer.

I’ve worked with a diverse group of companies from large corporations like Sony Ericsson to non-profits like Habitat for Humanity and niche local businesses such as Mill House Quilts. I’m not just a web developer. I’m a web strategist who uses technology to solve problems.

Being a generally cautious oldest child, I’m the gal you wouldn’t expect to see driving a motorcycle or dancing until 2 in the morning, but I’m guilty on both accounts. I prefer red wine to white, cats to dogs, drums to guitars, biking to walking, jeans to dresses, Netflix to Blockbuster, and summer to winter.

My Father always said “luck is where preparation meets opportunity” and I consider myself very lucky to be doing what I love every day…helping businesses build better websites.

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