Transformation of the Annotation on YouTube

Have you ever been watching a video on YouTube when all of a sudden an annoying annotation square pops up? It’s annoying but won’t be as much of a problem anymore. In the last few weeks, YouTube has started implementing new ways for channel owners to promote to the viewer.

What are YouTube Annotations?

In the past, channel owners would create annotations in their videos to have viewers visit their other pages, such as their website or even more YouTube videos. These squares that would pop up on screen did their job, but these transparent squares weren’t visually appealing. There was also the problem that they only showed up on the desktop, so the entire mobile market was never utilized.

YouTube-AnnotationsThe biggest change: there is now a set maximum size an annotation can be, so no longer will you be watching a video and the whole screen becomes engulfed with an ad. There are also now more types of annotations.

Four different areas can be used by the channel owner to direct the viewer to another page. There is now a video header, call-to-action overlay, advertiser’s link, and the new “card” feature. All of these features now take your video and make it look much more professional, and cleaned up. A huge new feature sure to please viewers: the annotations won’t appear on the screen unless your cursor is on the video, making the video much more visually appealing.

Pick a YouTube Card, any Card

The new Card feature that YouTube has developed now allows the publisher of the video to add interactivity throughout all devices. Card types range from video, playlist, website, merchandise, fundraising, and fan funding to all fit the specific needs of the publisher. This new feature is also much more user friendly, and graphically appealing. Instead of scaring the viewer away with pop up boxes, the YouTube card has actually had higher click through rates. The move to cards might signal a complete end to annotations so now is the best time to start implementing the cards.

Below is a video which highlights the changes.