Another Facebook News Feed Change

The Facebook News Feed has been changing a lot lately as the social networking giant tries to sure the user experience is more fun. Some of the changes to the Facebook news feed, though, have been detrimental to smaller, local business pages doing all they can to market themselves. Today, another change when it comes to the Facebook news feed on mobile. It has its positives and negatives.Facebook-News-Feed

Facebook: Who You See First

The change lets you adjust the Facebook news feed to make sure you are seeing what you want to see. When you update the Facebook app on iOS (update coming for Android soon), you will get to choose who you see first in your news feed regardless of when they posted. You want to make sure you see your 5 best friends’ updates whenever you log-on, you will see them first! Personally, I think that’s great…but I am torn.

What about Facebook for Business?

Here’s my dilemma. Will people choose to see what some of their favorite pages are posting? You can have up to 30 people or pages in the “Who You See First” preference menu. I think that some fans of client pages we run here at Mid-West Digital Marketing will put those pages in this preference menu. But, I don’t think those numbers are going to be very high. This will mean less engagement and when engagement goes down, reach goes down.

Discover New Facebook Pages

There is a positive change that will help business pages. It’s called the “Discover New Pages” menu and will pop up on your news feed based on pages already liked or pages your friends like. This could help the smaller businesses be seen in the news feed as long as the page is liked and placed in the “Who You See First” preference menu

What Can Be Done?

I don’t see this Facebook News Feed change as entirely bad. The businesses that we help who are doing boosted posts or Facebook ads will still be seen. I think we will have to step up our content creation and curation game, but that’s our job anyway. I also think we will have to find a way to get fans of the pages to place them into the “Who You See First” preference menu. This will involve some crafty thinking on our part…but, creatively getting messages to people is our job!