KISS: Digital Marketing Results Made Simple

When it comes to digital marketing, keep it simple silly.
Yes, I realize that the last word isn’t the correct one, but as a mom with two small kiddos, the right word isn’t allowed in our vocabulary. Speaking of children, maybe if we marketers targeted our audience as children, we might see better results!

In a world where consumers continue to become even more savvy & sophisticated, it’s easy to think that our digital marketing message needs to do the same.¬†While it’s true that consumers are armed with knowledge, it’s also true that we’re all busy and most of us lack focus. This undiagnosed ADD supports my sentiment – keep it simple.

A few places this comes into play in the online world include:

Search Engine Optimization

Obviously clients know the most about their industry and products/services. So when asked what keywords they want to focus on they tend to choose technical & specific names. Depending on your target audience, it’s important to remember that the general public will conduct a more generic search. For example if you sell proximity sensors, research shows that a very low number of people search for that term and it would be more valuable to optimize with a more commonly used term like motion sensors.

Landing Pages

After performing a multitude of A/B tests over the years, we’ve found that the more simplified the landing page, the higher the conversion rates. To take it a step further, it’s important to remember that the smallest things can make a difference.

What does the headline say? What colors and imagery are you using? An interesting fact to share – when using photos of people, eye contact’s not always best. Try to select images where the person is looking in the direction of your call to action.

Web Design

The home page of a website is considered prime real estate and we design it to make the most of it. That being said, cramming in too much information looks disorganized and confuses the consumer. Effective UX Design should ensure all important elements have been included, but laid out in a manner that makes it clear on where the consumer should up get from there.
Don’t get me wrong, marketing on the web is by no means simple, but the marketing message, no matter the medium can be.
Keep it simple silly to avoid the kiss of death.