Conquering Content Writer’s Block With a Few Simple Steps

(forthcoming pun is intended)Writers-block

Do you often find yourself struggling with ideas of to post as content for your client? Does it seem like you’ve actually found the end of the cyber highway? Here’s an idea, TALK TO THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU TO DISCOVER CONTENT! I know that seems crazy with how our society is becoming more and more digitally distant from each other. It’s incredible what five minutes of seemingly unimportant conversation can produce in terms of content ideas.

Break it down!

Writer’s block happens to people in every field of study; a psychoanalyst by the name of Edmund Bergler coined the term in 1947. Who knows, it could have been known as “doctors dilemma”. “Doctor’s dilemma”, that’s kind of a scary thought actually, so wise choice Dr. Bergler. When you get stumped on a subject, how many times has continuing to dig at it actually produced a positive result in a timely manner? If you’re like me, then the answer is not often. I find it best to take a little stroll through the office, say “hi” to my coworkers and strike up a little conversation with them. It really helps to clear my head of what I was thinking about for the past 2 hours. According to a Stanford study on the subject of creativity and the impact walking has on our creative ability, a person’s creative output increases by an average of 60% compared to when they are sitting.

So get up, stretch those legs, and now head out on your path to reclaiming your content creativity! Be sure to remember your way back or your boss might get upset.