Social Media and Radio Branding

I don’t believe in “new” media. There’s no such thing in my world. In my world, there’s broadcasting, print, digital. We use thesesocial-media-marketing-roi media to help clients brand and sell. For me, the more important aspect is branding and social media is one of the best branding tools out there next to radio.

Your Social Brand

When I am talking with potential clients and current clients I am always quick to point out my view on social media as a branding tool. Yes, you can sell on social if you actually want to pay for it. But, you can brand for “free” if you use social correctly (“free” is in quotes because we actually do charge to run your social media branding). By branding, I am talking about selling who YOU are, not your products. I spend my free time on social media trying to be social, having discussions with people (or lively debates) and sharingideas. When it comes to a business, large or small, this should be the same view: stop trying to sell product, learn to sell your brand.

Radio Branding

When clients buy radio from us, we talk about weekly, monthly schedules and frequency. How many times will the ad be heard and how many times will they hear your name or website or phone number. Frequency is key to branding. Even if you are trying to sell a specific product, many people might not need it at that exact moment. Even if it’s a great sale, many people might not be able to come and get your product or want to at that time. But, they hear your name, hear who you are and, subconsciously, remember who you are over a period of time. Then, in a few weeks or months, they might need you and hear another commercial on the radio and regardless of the sale or event, go to you because a) they know who you are b) they need your product or service at that time c) they trust the radio station they are listening to and now trust you.

Social Branding Works the Same Way

Frequency is key to your social media strategy as well. How frequently do people see your posts and what are you posting? Who are you online and what persona are you selling? Your business needs to be top of mind when people need something from you. You may have thousands of likes but not all those people are coming in all the time. Focused content and frequent posting via your social channels is how your name gets BRANDED and then remembered and leads to sales.

Are you ready for a complete social branding strategy?