Getting Noticed on Social Media

Digital-Audience-Attention-SpanSocial Media Marketing is not easy. Before I actually started marketing for businesses, I used to say, “It’s not rocket science, a monkey could do social media!” There are a lot of people who still believe this, but I don’t anymore.

It’s hard to get businesses noticed among the cacophony of crying marketers on all the social networks. It’s easy to forget that it takes time to build a strategy for a brands and it takes constant testing of ideas, new and old, to see what might work.

So, here is where I offer my ideas on how to get a business noticed on Facebook. It’s what my content creation team does daily. While some of this might seem “no-brainer,” it’s good to think about ways to make them work for you… or have us work for you!

  1. Figure Out Who You Are: This is more than just about your business, this is about you. Social media marketing has nothing to do with selling a product or service. People want to know who YOU are first and then they will decide if they want to make a purchase from you… after several “touches”. This is pure branding!
  2. Take Time to be Social: Obviously, “having time” and “running a business” are not phrases that usually co-exist. But, if you can find the time, you can schedule posts on Facebook and Twitter and other platforms using several different social posting sites.
  3. Make Sure Photos are Formatted: Each social platform has its own photo parameters. Facebook and Twitter actually have several (once you start adding social media advertising, there are a few more). If you put a photo up and it’s not cropped properly, is highlighting something strange or isn’t even connected to the content you posted, you have already lost anyone’s interest.
  4. Use #tags, but don’t over use them: The hashtag as a search function is a necessary evil. It help getting involved in conversations and it helps start conversations where you might want to monitor what’s being said. But, over use of a hashtag on a post will kill it.
  5. Be Consistent and Frequent: There’s nothing worse than finding a social media account for a local business or brand and finding the last post was more than a month or a year ago. Or, finding them and reading some of the things they post and wondering why they posted something that has nothing to do with who they are as people, neighbors or a business. Empty social media platforms are worse than having nothing at all. Posting haphazardly will get you ignored.

No, social media marketing isn’t easy. Even with these five tips, there’s a lot more that needs to go into the daily strategy. You might be able to add another 10 tips! I didn’t even begin to go into social media analytics or social media advertising and how to use them to your advantage…another blog soon!