Reaching the “Kids” Who Don’t Use Facebook – Instagram Advertising

I had an interesting conversation with a client this week about Facebook. Her 3 kids, she says, hardly post on Facebook…they use Instagram. The “kids” are in their late 20’s and one in early 30’s. She wanted to know why Facebook would still be the tool of choice for social marketing and advertising. My response was simple: Just because your kids aren’t posting to Facebook doesn’t mean they aren’t coming to see what’s up and if they are using Instagram, they are still “using Facebook” and soon, the ads will follow them there.

Well, the ads for Instagram are going to be filling those feeds as quickly as Niagara Falls could fill a bucket.


Instagram Opening Ad Platform

Just 2 hours after I offered my Nostradamus prediction, Instagram made a huge announcement – the photos sharing sensation, owned by Facebook, will open the app to all advertisers this year and offer, it says, more tools to improve targeting and help make sure ads have users taking an action: buy a product or download an app. Instagram has had advertising on the feed for a year and a half, but only a select few advertisers had access.

Guess what? Those “kids” who are allegedly leaving Facebook are going to get ads wherever they go…from the same people they “left” Facebook for because the ads were “annoying”.

Best Businesses for Instagram

When it comes to Instagram, the trends for advertisers seem to follow the basics: pets, travel, fashion, cars and entertainment. 300 million monthly active users sharing these interests will hopefully interact with brands who share messages that resonate and call for engagement. Does this mean that brands who aren’t dealing with pets, travel, fashion, cars and entertainment avoid Instagram? No way! But, it will call for a definite strategy for paid AND organic reach.

Social Media Marketing…it ain’t free, folks!