Monthly Archives: June 2015

Deciding on Blog Topics

It shouldn’t be that difficult, right? All you need to do is sit down and write a few paragraphs about your business or a product or thoughts about your industry. Even the best writers stare at a blank piece of paper Here’s how we do it. “How do You Write Your Blogs?” Our content team… Read more »


Getting Noticed on Social Media

Social Media Marketing is not easy. Before I actually started marketing for businesses, I used to say, “It’s not rocket science, a monkey could do social media!” There are a lot of people who still believe this, but I don’t anymore. It’s hard to get businesses noticed among the cacophony of crying marketers on all… Read more »


Social Media and Radio Branding

I don’t believe in “new” media. There’s no such thing in my world. In my world, there’s broadcasting, print, digital. We use these media to help clients brand and sell. For me, the more important aspect is branding and social media is one of the best branding tools out there next to radio.