Social Media Trends: #YoureIt

Recognizing the next big social media trend or event and capitalizing on it is like catching lightning in a bottle. Many times it is entirely random and won’t apply to your brand or its image. However, there are those times when you not only know that it’s going to strike, but you know where it’s going to strike. When a brand is able to recognize this, it gives them the opportunity to take center stage on one of the biggest venues in the world, social media. As random as social trends can be, you can still prepare for them with the right mindset and outcome outlook.strategy_digital_Marketing

Stacking the Social Media Deck

It’s not always a game of chance, the best social strategists take note of upcoming major events and developing news stories and carefully construct their brand’s response to each of those incidents if they happen to occur. Super Bowl Sunday is probably the best example of planned chaos that brands can capitalize on. They know the schedule of events and the parties involved, from the opening ceremony to the halftime show, and who is likely to receive a post game interview whether their team wins or not. Through this they can plan for the unexpected and how they, as a brand, would react and connect to their followers through it. For instance, Oreo Cookies made the best example of this during Super Bowl XLVII when the lights went out. They knew that their product was likely in the dessert section of many house parties and that their consumer’s method of eating an Oreo is nearly religious in its process. How does one go about eating an Oreo? Pour a large glass of milk, take an Oreo from the package and proceed to slowly dunk it in milk until the cookie portions are flooded with your desired amount of milk. In the commercials this is always done in the light so you can see the religious process unfold. Oreo checked the radar, saw the storm clouds brewing and seized their moment when they sent out a Tweet “Power out? No Problem” Accompanied by a picture of an Oreo on a table with a flashlight shinning over it and the phrase “You can still dunk in the dark”. Oreo had just captured their lighting in a bottle and the whole world loved it.

Social media is a fast paced world to say the least. However, with careful planning your quick wit moments won’t be as few and far between.