6 Tips for Blogging Effectively

Sometimes a tweet, picture, or Facebook post is not enough. We need more; your audience wants more. This is when blogging comes in to save the day. With blogs you have an abundance of space, the ability to share photos and videos, and unlimited creativity. Blogs are utilized for many different purposes: corporate blogs, personal blogs, hobby/interest blogs, professional blogs, and community blogs. Within these various categories, there are a myriad of sub categories to reach every possible niche. Because there is a blog for just about everything, it is crucial to take the time to make your blog stand out and place immense focus on your brand. You don’t want to just blog, you want to effectively blog!

6 Tips for Blogging Effectively

Effective Blogging Strategies

  • Authority: Don’t simply add content to your blog and blogging niche, make an impact and add something new and influential. Have that authority and power when writing your blog to really lay down the gavel and make a point.


  • Content: Along with having new and powerful content, make sure it is creative! Benefit from the ability to share more than 140 characters. While you have lots of space, make sure that you don’t bore your readers with too much information. Pick topics that your readers will be drawn to read to increase your engagement. While thinking creatively, also think like your readers to gain a better understanding of what they want to read. You can also browse what your competitors are blogging about to make sure your ideas are unique.


  • Timing: They say that timing is everything, and while this isn’t necessarily the case for blogging, it certainly is important. Take the time to research when it is the best time to reach your audience. Look at days and specific times that your audience is most active on Social Media and Blogs.


  • Style: Blogging allows you to share your voice with your audience on a digital platform. Don’t let the written words stop you from showing them what your brand is all about. Choose an appropriate yet creative way to stylize your brand that fits with how you want to be seen. This can additionally be shown through the design and extra elements on your blog page.


  • Frequency: It is completely understandable that you may not be able to blog daily, or even weekly, but pick a range and stick with it. You don’t want your audience to look at your blog and see 5 posts from 3 months ago and nothing sense. Make sure you are consistent with when and how you post to create more loyalty and interest in your blog.


  • Engagement: This is a key turning point in your blog, it takes your posts and begins to create a community. This is done through interaction on your blog in the form of comments. When your audience sees comments, they are more likely to post comments which creates great dialogue. While you want comments, keep an eye out for trolls and spam comments, you want to monitor to your comments to make sure they are related to your blog. Once you have your comments, make sure that you reply and respond to them to continue the engagement cycle.