Reporting and Understanding Data

Fustrated-consumerEvery Easter, my parents host an egg hunt. My little cousins can barely wait to finish dinner; they get so excited for it. My dad hides the plastic eggs early in the morning and counts them as he puts them out. 96 this year. When they are collected, the kids empty the treasures and recount the eggs to see how many are left on the acreage. They are rarely all found. This year, the cousins found 90 eggs. My dad then takes a few chosen kids out to the yard and points out the missing findings. As the expert who understands the terrain best, he finds the missing eggs with no problem.


Do you find yourself hunting?

Understanding data from your online marketing efforts should not be like an Easter egg hunt. You might not understand key performance indicators or terms like CTR, reach, impressions, html, H2s or bounce rate and we don’t expect you to. We can walk you through a relevant report you got from a previous vendor or explain something we reported to you with a few more down to earth terms. It’s exciting to have so much data from online marketing efforts, but it’s even more exciting when you can understand the valuable information from the report. It’s our job to point that information out to you and explain what it means.

What do we report on?

Monthly and quarterly, we report on a variety of data based on the goals we have created with you. We pick out key points and highlight those along with our reports so you don’t have to do the searching through the data. It’s our intention to translate our reporting into meaningful marketing minded statements that simply summarize our findings or easily articulate a needed action.

Quit hunting and start knowing!