It’s Not All “Fails”: Pinterest & Branding

Pinterest_BrandingThe popular social media branding site, Pinterest, is commonly known for those “Pinterest Fails” when it comes to cooking, baking, and DIY projects. While this is a humorous yet frustrating reality, the “Fails” do not belittle the power this platform holds in digital marketing and branding.

Pinterest is all about sharing, or branding!

Let’s rephrase that to share the benefits Pinterest can have on your brand…Pinterest is all about sharing concepts related to who you are and who you want to be known as. Every pin (post) on Pinterest can be a clickable link, directing the user to a specified website. This allows you to channel consumers directly to your business! In a report from Networked Insights, ( branded content is shared more on Pinterest than other online platform. Whether this is due to Pinterest’s visual format or method of sharing, why pass on the chance to get your brand out there?

Moms yes, but so much more

While currently the primary demographic using Pinterest is moms, don’t underestimate the increasing popularity of this platform. More men are joining Pinterest and their demographics are greatly expanding. No matter the product or brand, there will be a niche for it on Pinterest.

Start pinning, start sharing

The visual format, accessibility, and growing popularity, Pinterest is the ideal platform for sharing your brand content to consumers. Pinterest is different from other social sites because it constant sharing with high reach. Start sharing your branded content and let the pinning begin!