The Reviews Are In

Do you read reviews online? Whether you’re planning a dinner out, shopping for a new car, or deciding Reviews_online_Reputation_Managementwhich whitening toothpaste to go with to counteract your coffee addiction, you’ll probably turn to an opinion from a friend or a review on a business’s website or social media page. Reviews can have a great impact on a consumer’s buying behaviors and overall thoughts towards a brand. Say you were in the market for a new car and found a great deal on the exact model you want, but read numerous negative reviews on the dealership’s social media page. While it is ultimately the dealerships practices that cost them your business, it was the strong power of the reviews on their social media page that made you think and ultimately take your business elsewhere, costing that dealership thousands of dollars.

Nine out of ten approve!

There’s always that one doctor of out the ten that doesn’t agree. This can happen when it comes to reviews for your business on your social media page. Usually your customers are satisfied with your service and many times those are the ones who will not leave a review. It is that one time that a customer was not satisfied, justly or not, with your service that you will suddenly see one new notification letting you know that “so and so” left a review on your page.

So what should you do about it?

Carefully read the review and determine what it is they are upset about and try to get a background on the person at the same time. Do they have a legitimate reason? Is it something that you can correct? Is their review history full of wild allegations toward other companies? Do your research on the problem before you respond.

How to Make Reviews Work for You

Receiving a good review is usually a brands biggest desire. However, it is those times when you receive a bad review that you now have the opportunity to appear human to your customers. It gives you the chance to really connect with them and show that you are listening, care about their satisfaction and will try to resolve it. Have you ever researched a product or business and found nothing but good reviews? This tends to raise a red flag with me and prompts the question, “How authentic are these reviews?” “Are these created by the company?” As a brand, you should look at bad reviews as if they are polish. Sure, they don’t look great sitting there but when you handle them the right way they can make your good reviews shine!

Who is monitoring your online brand?

If you aren’t or don’t have someone to handle it, you can suffer some very unfortunate consequences. If you aren’t looking at your Google, Facebook and Yelp reviews or monitoring what people are saying about you on Twitter, your brand WILL suffer. There are ways to handle this, and we have solutions. Let us show you how we can help with your online reputation management that can turn a bad review into a customer opportunity.