“Mobilegeddon”, Google Algorithm Website Killer

In case you haven’t heard, the sky is falling. Your website that you spent lots of money creating will never be found again on Google because of MOBILEGEDDON!

OK…take a deep breath and curse Google. 

Ask yourself one simple question: Is your website “mobile friendly”? What does that mean? Well, if you don’t know your website might not be mobile friendly.

Now you can start to freak out.

Google, for the first time in history, let everyone know this algorithm change was coming…months in advance! Usually, we would wake-up one morning and discover a tweak that would affect the Search Engine Optimization we had been doing for clients and be forced to figure out how the change affected our strategy.

Here’s what we know about this algorithm change:

If your website has “Responsive Web Design, Dynamic Serving or Separate URL’s”, the change to the Google algorithm will not affect your organic search results. Basically, if your website functions properly on mobile, you are fine

Grab your phone, go to your website and check. If your website looks tiny and you need to work hard to see the content by zooming in, Google’s algorithm change today is bad for your business. You will see a huge decrease in the number of visitors to your website. Google is not only about the content on your website, it’s about user experience on your website. If people can’t read the content, Google downgrades you in search.

It’s that simple!

The larger issues remain for many business owners when it comes to these changes: who is monitoring Google for you? Google makes algorithm changes like this every few years and, in between, tweaks the algorithm. Unless you have someone on your team watching these changes, you might find your website turn into a ghost town!