The Facebook Newsfeed has “Old” News

I hear the complaints a lot: “I see posts on my Facebook Newsfeed that pop up two days later and are useless…outdated.” I feel the same way sometimes, especially when I see old news from local TV station Facebook pages.

Why Does This Happen?

This is the “problem” with engagement. I use quotes because I truly don’t see it as a problem. It’s why the algorithm actually works. If a post is working and people are engaging, think “liking”, “sharing”, “commenting”, Facebook thinks the post is worthy of being pushed again on the newsfeed for people to see. This is why content creators for business pages spend hours trying to either generate content or re-purpose content that gets engagement: the more you have, the more the post is seen, the more it is clicked on, etc.

The “Post End Date” OptionFacebook-Newsfeed-Scheduled-Posts

Recently, I noticed a change on the business pages we run here at Mid-West Digital Marketing. For our larger clients with thousands of fans, we tend to target the posts and I suddenly say “Post End Date” and wondered why? It then hit me – Facebook is allowing content creators the ability to post content then ensure it leaves the newsfeed so people stop seeing dated information if engagement gets too high. At first, I wondered why you would want to harm an overly engaging post. Then, it became obvious.

Interest Targeting


I also noticed this little but powerful change under the targeting button – “target by interest”. While we were doing this for boosted posts for the past year, we can now target our organic posts, hitting fans an even non-fans with a directly targeted post that should peak their interest since they are interested in the content’s information.

Are you using these functions? Are you too busy to even notice how Facebook is helping market your service or products better?