Facebook Changes How Likes Work

We talk a lot about engagement when it comes to social media; Facebook likes, comments and shares. We believe that engagement is more important than the number of likes on your page. But, Facebook is now changing an important facet of engagement with brands and it will affect your page as well as clicks through to your website content.Facebook-algorithm

It’s all about user experience, says Facebook. We get that.

We build websites based on user experience. We do Facebook strategy based on user experience. But the change to the Facebook Algorithm today changes user experiences based on an important part of engagement, the “like” of a post. If a post receives a lot of likes, this USED to help your organic reach. When “Ron Giordan” liked a post from some page, friend or business page, many of my friends would see that on their newsfeed and possibly read the post, click on the content and engage with it in some way. This helped with reach as the more engagement occurred, the more the post would appear on newsfeeds.

Apparently, people have told Facebook that they don’t care what stories “Ron Giordan” likes or even comments on (frankly, I am shocked because when I comment on something or like it, it is important!). Facebook is updating the algorithm so my friends don’t see those items. I will have to SHARE the content I read in order to get others to see it.

What does this mean for brands?

It basically lowers the engagement rate even more and lowers the numbers of people that see your posts unless you pay to boost them. Now, we already boost posts with direct links to client websites. We won’t do that for links to information that is about the brand but not from the brand’s website. This will mean less people will see content.

This does not mean Facebook or social media should be abandoned. Quite the contrary. It just means that brands need to re-focus on what it means to be social. Stop being overly promotional. Stop trying to sell. Write blogs or have us write blogs for your website. Create valuable content and spend a few bucks to get it seen.

And, by all means, stop worrying about how many likes you have on your page!