A Contagious Laugh: Marketing That Sucks You In

Contagious: When you get dragged along

Inclusion: When you are in on it

My grandma is the oldest of 10 children. A hard working Wisconsin Farm family. When I was younger we used to get together with them more frequently. Family reunions were easier when not as many grand-kids and cousins were married, had kids or lived a distance away. It was always a fun atmosphere for a couple reasons. Not only were smiles contagious, laughs were too. Once one of them let out a cackle…all ten of them got going…Grandma Joanie, Mary and Judy all sound the same …Jim, John, Jerry and Janet all added their special touch, Carol had the soft giggle, Joe would just turn red with a grin and Sally overpowered them all with her yelling laugh. It wasn’t long before you yourself were laughing and you had no idea what they were talking about!


You don’t have to understand something for it to have an impact on you.

But if it catches your attention, you might want to know more. Most of the time my great aunts and uncles were just reminiscing and once you found out what it was they were laughing at, it wasn’t funny to you anyways…but if they laughed…it sure became funny.

You could say this is like a certain striped dress picture. You may have looked at it and seen one thing, but that wasn’t what you were supposed to see. Or you looked at it only to see which side you were on. White & Gold vs. Blue & Black was all the debate. Did people care about the dress, or even why there were seeing the different colors that they saw? Not really…They just wanted to know what all the buzz was about and be included in it. Regardless, people sure saw that dress a lot this week…and will probably remember it, when people refer to it, for quite some time.

What are some ways to capture attention?

Remember something, tell people something for the first time, let people talk about you, explain something, show something unique, question something ordinary, or the hardest of them all shock and awe.

In marketing you can look at it four ways.

You can capture attention and entertain, capture attention and create buzz, capture attention and include or you can capture attention and be relevant. Any of the four work. Sometimes attention grabbing things can have multiple of these outcomes. It’s worth considering what might happen or what you want to have happen with your attention grabbing idea/content. These things can happen naturally or you can try to plan them out. The trick is to find that thing that will be contagious in a very good way. Let yourself be creative in your efforts and you could have a bandwagon effect.