“Bracketology” for Social Media

As an avid sports enthusiast, March means one and only one thing to me, March Madness. The excitement and uncertainty of watching college basketball teams compete to be in the Final Four is one of the greatest sporting events, if not the absolute greatest. Add “The Brackets” to this event and we are talking engagement that has no boundaries!

Decision TimeBracketology-social-media

This uncertain process of picking teams for your bracket is like choosing which social media platforms to place your trust in. With the myriad of platforms, ranging from massive to specific, it may seem like a challenging task to decide which one will provide the greatest benefits and lead you to the Social Media Final Four. There are many platforms beyond the big ones that you should be using – Facebook, Twitter and a blog. It’s up to you to choose wisely and “play” a great game!



As a current college student, I “grew up” with many of the main social media platforms, but through digital marketing, it is evident that these tools can provide much more than the social purposes commonly believed. Like March Madness, it is important to trust those prominent platforms, “successful teams” like Facebook and Twitter; but don’t doubt the power of specialized social media, “small teams” like Whisper, who come and surprise. Don’t be hesitant, create a strong bracket with a variety of social media “teams”.

Don’t fear the uncertainty

During March Madness there are surprising defeats as well as exciting Cinderella stories, all which contribute to the uncertainty and joy of the tournament. This may also be the case when you are trying to figure out your “Social Media Bracket”. Not every platform will work with what you are trying to achieve, but know there many options to meet your needs and help guide you to your full potential in the social media world. Enjoy the process, analyze the best platforms, and reach for the Final Four!