Monthly Archives: March 2015

Placing the Spotlight on Instagram

If I could only use one social media platform, my choice would be clear, Instagram. The constant stream of photos and simple ‘double tap’ to like a photo or video create for a visually engaging yet simple media interface. Currently Instagram has the reputation of being dominated by the younger generation, 53% of 18-29 year… Read more »


What Jingles Can Teach Content Creators

In our world of overstimulation, it’s hard to get a brain’s attention and even harder to hold it. How can your writing cut through the cacophony and get “heard?” And how can it create brand loyalty or even generate sales? The human brain continually seeks patterns, likeness, and relationships. And it does its best memory… Read more »


My Facebook Page Likes Are Dropping!

If you are paying attention to your Facebook Business page, you may have noticed a “dip” in your fans. I like to call it a “purge” as Facebook has finally decided to help business page owners truly market to the fans they should be marketing to.