Consumer Choice and Online Strategy

Consumers Need Help Online
The Customer Service Target Market Support Assistance Concept

As the owner of an older home, I have had my fair share of home projects. Being the live in landlord hero when a circuit breaks or a lightbulb goes out has its rewards. I have to say that I enjoy fixing and improving. Hanging a level shelf, utilizing lumber, refurbishing a piece of furniture and using power tools to get a job done is one thing, but there are the times when you need outside help. I am not an expert at cleaning out a lateral line to city water, repairing a dryer, taking a fridge apart, installing a high voltage outlet, putting in a new garage door or fixing an electric water heater. My guess is many homeowners aren’t. They might do the same thing I would do in a time of needed help. They ask around, research, decide and call. Why does this matter? Because you can focus your marketing strategy around what you would do.

Marketing Strategy Experts

I am blessed to be able to give my dad and brother a call. I can talk the issue through and they make recommendations. Sometimes it’s just the assurance I need when they say, “You should call someone to have them come look at that.” Then I go into research mode if they don’t have a recommended company. I look into my issue online and strategically pick who I am going to call.

What factors weigh into my decision?

A company’s online presence definitely does. If they don’t have a good consumer friendly website explaining what they will do or how they work, they are not getting my call. If they don’t tell me how I can set an appointment with them on the first page, I go back to Google. Their title on Google results matters to me, the content just below the title matters to me; if it isn’t relevant to my issue and need, I don’t click it. Another factor into my click decision is if I have heard of them. I might look into a company if I have not heard of them and they are showing things I need, but a branded company will often at the least catch my eye. Any reviews that show up in search results often weigh in too. I prefer to research right on my phone and click their phone number to call instantaneously. Do I want someone who is giving me deals? Not really. Do I want someone who is trusted and will do quality work as they have quoted in a timely manner? Yes. That’s my preference. The question is, am I your ideal customer?

There are three things you might want to analyze about your online presence from the eyes of the consumer.

  1. Will consumers trust you and your experience?
  2. Are you managing consumer’s expectations?
  3. Is it easy to do business with you using mobile?

Do a little market research. Ask people how they make decisions in your product/service category. Ask your neighbor, your mom, your dad, your brother and your daughter. Contact the experts.