The Beauty of the Niche Social Networks

I won’t be one of those marketers that is freaking out about the disappearing organic reach for Facebook Business Pages. First, it’s not disappearing and second, Facebook is just one of many tools to get your business found. It’s a tactic, not a single strategy.Facebook Search Engine Optimization

The Tactic of Using Niche Social Networks

So, here’s another tactic I’ve been thinking about lately: the niche social networks. These aren’t new as before Facebook and Twitter, we had blogs and forums, although most weren’t used to attract customers/clients. There are so many out there and I bet you didn’t even know it; there’s Dogster, Catster (of course), Book In a Week, Dribbble, etc. Are you a lawyer and want to connect with others, there’s LawLink. Are you looking to sell vintage products? How about ArtFire? Baker or cupcake entrepreneur? Then head to BakeSpace! All these sites connect people who are either in the industry or extremely interested in it and could be potential customers/clients down the road!

Decisions to Make with Niche Social Networks

The biggest decision is, of course, time. Remember, if you are marketing to really small groups all the time and ignoring the potential customers on the larger networks, you are missing the boat. If you don’t have time for Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, you don’t have time for the smaller networks. Another decision is what is your end goal? Are you using the site simply for lead acquisition or is it to be social, share ideas, learn new stuff and use that for other marketing purposes?

The biggest decision is going to be who continues to handle your traditional social marketing if you are jumping into niche social marketing. This is a huge time suck. Lucky, there are folks out there who can help with that while you dive deeply into the core business and customer development on a smaller level. You might be surprised who you find on Facebook and Dogster!