Monthly Archives: February 2015

Does SEO Strategy Need a Process?

Can SEO work in a system? I’ve been working in the SEO world long enough to realize not all clients can be looked at the same way. When I first entered the mystical world of Search Engine Optimization I came into a situation that was in complete disarray. There was no system in place and… Read more »


The Beauty of the Niche Social Networks

I won’t be one of those marketers that is freaking out about the disappearing organic reach for Facebook Business Pages. First, it’s not disappearing and second, Facebook is just one of many tools to get your business found. It’s a tactic, not a single strategy. The Tactic of Using Niche Social Networks So, here’s another… Read more »


Why Super Bowl Advertising Works

The Power of Advertising If you happened to be one of the 114.5 million viewers of what is known as the biggest sporting of the year, the Super Bowl, then surely you viewed your fair share of commercials. Maybe the commercials are the sole reason you watched the game; it was for me. Alright, it… Read more »