Do You Like Your Social Media Strategy?

Social Media Strategy is core to any business goals in this day and age. Can you honestly sit back and say that you enjoy and are engaged with the content on your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account? Did you answer “yes”? Did you answer “no”? Are you being honest with yourself? If you were honest with yourself and answered “no”, then chances are that your fan base probably shares the same opinion.


Get to know your fans

It’s time to get to know your fans and what they really want from your brand. You already know that your fans like your product/service. You also probably have a good idea of why they like your product/service as well. Now it’s time to think about how you can create or share content your fan base will relate to and most importantly, engage with. It’s not uncommon that a business minded individual will have a certain idea of what their client “should like” as opposed to what they actually like. This brings us to the first step in creating a solid understanding of your fan base and the topics other than your product/services that they enjoy.

Ask Questions!

It really can be that easy. Simply create a few questions from time to time that will give you a better idea of who is following you on social media. While they may be a fan of your page, that does not mean they have experienced your product/service for themselves. Sometimes a fan becomes a fan so they can get a better idea of who you are and what you offer. Maybe they are in the market for your product but would like to see other fans testimonials and feelings towards your brand. Maybe they have seen a shared content piece of yours from one of your fans who happen to be a good friend of theirs on Facebook and want to receive that content. That doesn’t mean they won’t become a customer in the future. That doesn’t mean they won’t in the future. Take the company GoPro for example, I like and follow GoPro on Facebook simply for the amazing videos and photos they and their fans post to their page. Have I purchased a single product from GoPro? Not yet. But I am more inclined to at some point.

Transparency – seeing the clearer you

In today’s world of instant communication, what a brand puts out on social media can be captured with a screen shot almost instantly, making it immortal in the life of the internet. With that being said, consumers want to see that their brand is open and honest with them about who they are and what they value. The ability for a fan to communicate with a brand, receive an answer almost immediately and then reply to that answer is a very attractive trait. Brands should have a personality no matter what their area of business is. Who would have thought a laundry company could actually be fun and entertaining? Tide sure is, and they are open and honest with their fans while doing so every day.

So remember, if there is one thing to take away from this article as a business, start to appeal to your fans and their expanded interests that may be outside of your product/service. Who knows, you might just start to like your Facebook page after all.