The Magic of Search Engine Marketing

I am the Director Search Engine Marketing Strategy for Midwest Digital Marketing. Sounds good, right? It is a pretty good gig, but what does it mean?Search Engine Optimization

I spend my days making sure client’s ads are found when potential customers are searching the web. Pretty straightforward, right? Until you start listing all the types of ads that can be used and all the places they can be placed. I use text ads and display ads, they get placed in the search engine results page, they get placed on other websites, they show up on blogs, on mobile websites, before You Tube videos and a bunch of other places all with the intent of driving potential customers to their website.

I spend my days collecting data from a variety of sources and have lots of Excel spreadsheets floating around my computer. I make graphs and tables from all the data I collect and magically turn it into a document I share with my clients to review and understand.

I spend my days talking to people at Google and Bing, as well as other vendors to make sure I know about the latest and greatest tools available so I can create and manage the best online marketing programs for our clients.

Still think it sounds good? Let me tell what I think I do.

I create MAGIC. Okay, not real magic, but I have a passion for what I do and sometimes it feels like magic. I listen to my clients to understand what it is they want to accomplish. I take those goals and turn them into strategies to drive potential customers to their website. Then, I get to share with them what happened and most of the time it is good and it is magical.