You Need to do SEO on Your Website; Everyone Knows That!

Lately, I’ve been noticing the clever Geico commercials where two people happen to be chatting about car insurance. One person will tell the other how Geico can save you money, to which the second person replies “Everyone knows that!” The first person, clearly feeling embarrassed, decides to come up with a snappy response trying to find a fact the second person doesn’t know. My favorite of these is the one where former professional football player, Ickevery-website-needs-SEO-workey Woods, will celebrate just about anything. (Whoo! Gonna get me some cold cuts!)

Usually I find parallels to the Digital Marketing world in traditional marketing. In this case, I think about the SEO landscape in 2015 and how more and more business owners realize they need some type of SEO work on their website; everyone knows that! But did you know that SEO results don’t happen overnight?


Create Content Strategies for the End User, but Don’t Forget the Search Engines

It’s true that by putting in a lot of time and effort on your website in specific areas you can positively affect how you rank for specific keywords in the Search Engine Result Page. It is important to focus on the most important parts of your business and how you want your clients or customers to interact with your website. Once you have this vision, it is important to create a detailed content strategy around these ideas. By constantly putting yourself in your clients’ shoes, and looking at your website the way they would, your content strategy will be tailored to the end user. However, you can’t forget the Search Engines!

Quality SEO Takes Time!every-website-needs-SEO-work

That is what you need to remember during this process. The SEO work you put into your website takes time to come to fruition. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to how the Search Engines rank websites for specific keywords. It is important to understand exactly how competitive the specific keywords you are focusing on are in the marketplace. I can tell you right now from experience that some keywords take longer to move up in the rankings than others. Giving up on your strategy early on because you don’t see results overnight, or even in the first couple of months, is not the way to go. There is an old cliché about things being a marathon and not a sprint. A successful SEO should be thought of as an ultramarathon (usually between 50 to 100 miles instead of the traditional 26.2 miles). Sometimes results can take anywhere from four to six months to start showing. But trust me when I say the effort will be well worth it when your customers start finding you!