Next Steps in Social Media Marketing

Now that those of us in the Social Media Marketing world have had time to digest the upcoming Facebook algorithm changes it is time to devise strategy for clients. It won’t be the same for all, but will have some basic foundations to make sure they are still seen in people’s NewsFeed.

“Likes” are not a Goal

Social Media Strategy

My first foundation remains one of the most important. Gaining more LIKES to your business page WILL NOT BE MY GOAL unless you are adamant that LIKES provide you an ROI. It’s OK to WANT to have 10,000 fans, but spending time just trying to hit that goal will completely end your page being seen on the Facebook NewsFeed. Go ahead…buy LIKES. Let me know how many of those LIKES walk into your store.

Content is more important than Selling Product

Facebook’s owner Mark Zuckerberg made it abundantly clear that businesses who create or share quality content will be seen on the NewsFeed. But, what does this really mean? What content gets shared the most on Facebook? Photos of babies, pets and news stories that provoke opinion. Does this mean businesses should just start throwing up photos of employee babies? Well, if an employee does have a new addition to the family, why not? But, it’s not that simple. We are talking about content people want to see and care enough to spend time looking at, reading, liking, commenting or sharing. Throwing up content for the sake of having a daily status update will not help you with organic reach. Finding content you think will cause an emotion is what’s needed. And that content needs to be related in some way to your business AND your community. This is what all of us content creators have been doing for our clients. Do we sometimes miss? You bet. Not all content works. It’s why we keep trying and trying and trying to have meaningful dialogue for our clients with their customers.

As I have always said…this is SOCIAL MEDIA, not SELLING MEDIA.

You Want to Sell? Plan on a Media Spend

This should be a cornerstone of any Social Media Strategy from this point forward. Put it in your budget as you would for ANY marketing via traditional media. After all, Social Media is now Traditional Media and that’s not free. Facebook Ads offer so much information to marketers that targeting to get people into your store or to make an online purchase is easy for us! We can search through so many behaviors and interests and get more people to at least click on the ad. From there, it’s up to your website to capture that lead. Is your website set-up that way? It might be time to look back at your website and talk lead gen with our developers!

How much of a spend? Well, that depends on the goals we have come up with when we begin working together. But, let’s say $500/month should be minimum. Here’s a better way to think about that number – it’s around $16 a day. You will need to figure out your ROI for the yearly spend.

Employee Love

Lastly, here’s something that’s easy to implement and gets your employees involved with your marketing goals – ask them to share status updates from your business page. Check this out – if just 60 employees shared your company’s posts, your reach would increase by 1,000% Remember, people are going to trust an employee before they trust the business owner.

So, don’t fret, let us help you come up with a social media marketing plan and start