Why Choose WordPress for Your Next Website

wordpressWordPress began as a blogging platform and has cleverly evolved into a robust content management system. Here at Mid-West, it has become our web development platform of choice. Check out a few good reasons it should be your top choice when developing your next website.

Easier Re-designs – WordPress content is maintained in a database so no matter how often you change your design, your content stays put. This means spending less time porting over content from another site and spending more time focusing on a great design.

Plethora of Plugins – Adding extra functionality to your site is easy through the use of plugins. Need a testimonials rotator? No problem, there is a plugin for that. How about a shopping cart? They have that too. The core installation of WordPress supports many other add-ons that can be found for free or at a reasonable fee. This allows your website to adapt as needed to meet your visitor’s requirements.

Supports Content Creation – Originally a blogging platform, WordPress easily allows content creation in the form of posts, which can be referred to as articles, recipes, blog entries – whatever fits with your site. Content creation supports SEO efforts and WordPress makes it easy.

Development Community – The developers at WordPress are continuously looking for ways to improve and keep up with security releases. In fact, with the latest version installed, your site now receives automatic updates immediately when a new security fix is released. If you need a custom function created, it’s not hard to find a skilled WordPress developer that can accomplish it.

Community Support – Hang out on the forums at wordpress.org to see how involved WordPress users are. There are hundreds of thousands of threads on just about any topic. If you need help, it’s not hard to find someone who has been there done that.

At Mid-West Digital, we are experts with the WordPress platform and have developed unique designs, custom functionality and content generating websites that work. If you are considering a new website, contact us today to get a free quote.