No, You’re Not Leaving Facebook

I had a discussion today with a friend who runs a Business Page on Facebook with more than 35,000 fans. He was reading about the recent changes to the Facebook Algorithm that said OVERLY promotional posts for business pages will be reduced in organic reach. His reaction, “Why should I even bother being on Facebook anymore?”

I agree with his angst. The question is easy to answer.


You should be on Facebook because all of your fans are still there.


Folks, it’s time to stop looking at social media as a medium to promote for free. You can’t do it in mass media, and you can’t do it on social anymore. It was great while the fun lasted. We made lots of “Fans” and maybe saw a great ROI on posts when we had 30%, 20%, now 10% or less organic reach. But now it’s time to move on and use Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/LinkedIn  just as we would use Radio and TV.

I use Facebook differently than the regular user. I enjoy not only the posts of my friends about inane everyday life or their kids and pets or stupid political posts, I also enjoy posts from businesses THAT ARE ENGAGING.

That’s capitalized for a reason. I work hard every day to create engaging posts for clients. It’s not easy. Getting onto social media and telling someone to buy from you isn’t simple. If it were, marketing would be irrelevant. What you say, how you say it and where the consumer ends up clicking once you say it is vital to your brand message. Because so many of us manipulated memes, threw out junk content messages and click-baited to oblivion, Facebook took the only logical step: If you want to sell, you need to pay.

I agree with them. But, the question is how do you take your money and properly sell to people who would actually buy?

So, you have 35,000 fans. How many are in your hometown? How many are the holders of the checkbook? Is your post actually targeted properly to the people you know or think will buy? Do you have a Facebook Audience built? Do you know your Buyer Persona? All of this…we can help you create.

But, the other facet of this change is the other content I have been telling clients we need to push consistently: What is happening in your industry that people would love to hear about? What is happening locally that you can share so people are reminded you are more than just a business owner but a resident in their town? YOU STILL NEED TO BE SOCIAL, NOT PROMOTIONAL.

When you are ready to truly market on Social Media with an integrated marketing message across all platforms, Radio, TV, Digitally, Email, Newspaper, we are here for you.