Is Your Website on the Cusp of the Next Trend?

web-design-trendsCan you really influence your customers by following the latest “trends” in website design? You bet!  Website visitors want relevance, style and a sense that your business is keeping up with the times.

What are some of the latest trends in website design?

Responsive – Sorry, I had to mention this first but it’s a no brainer. If your website isn’t viewable on every size device, it’s time to redesign your site.

Untypical Typography – Visitors want beautiful fonts that have feeling. In the past, it was expensive to purchase elegant fonts for websites and most browsers wouldn’t render them anyways. With the advent of Google Fonts and other type kits that are becoming less expensive, there is no reason to not include this simple effect on your website.

Material Design – Unveiled by Google as their direction for mobile and design in general. The idea is to appeal to the diverse spectrum of human needs by evolving design and interactions with their devices. We’re looking at more subtle ways to capture attention on a webpage, but at the same time by using beautiful imagery, motion and micro interactions.

Micro interactions – It’s intent is to increase visitor engagement and give a feeling they are “doing something” on your website. Pop-ups are becoming larger and more nicely designed. Some include interesting movement versus the boring “slide out from left”. One website I visited recently had a beautifully designed ad that opened similar to a balloon being inflated. I must admit, I stayed on that site longer to see what other interesting things might pop up. Of course it’s not just about popping ads, but other button or mouse-over interactions that take effect on your website.

So kick out the old and bring in the new! 2015 is right around the corner so if you need help creating a beautiful web presence, give us a shout.