The Call To Action

Are you telling consumers how to do business with you or just hoping it happens?

The reality is, we don’t always think about how things will happen. Your dream consumer action might not be the first thing people think of doing when they see your logo, post, tweet, Google ad, or even your website. Without a consumer knowing what to do, the worst case scenario often happens…which is of course…nothing. So here’s the question, what do you want people to do?


Is this trickier than I am making it seem?


Various social media sites, search engines and online advertising venues have restrictions.

You can’t just say “click here” all the time anymore. Plus, it’s just sort of silly.

What can you do?

In Pay-Per Click advertising on Google and Bing

Encourage consumers to:

  • Call now
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Learn more
  • View inventory

Create urgency and encourage a specific action the best that you can.

On Facebook

  • Give something away! The better the prize, the better the engagement.
  • Be sure to make it easy, if I have to take a picture, post it on your page, tag my best friend and your product’s middle name, I’m probably not going to do what you’re asking.
  • Write a question in your content to encourage people to interact.
  • Run Facebook Ads. You can create specific call to action buttons that make it very easy for a consumer to convert to the webpage you want them to see.

On Twitter

  • Actually tell people to re-tweet your content within the tweet.
  • Create a Twitter Card; similar to a Facebook Ad, you can have an image and a call to action button.
  • Run Twitter Ads; Twitter Ads can be created with different goals in mind and some can even collect consumer data for you.

Digital marketing isn’t all about the sales pitch or the ad that says, “Buy now”. Those things have their place; with moderation and targeting they can be very effective. It’s really about your relationship with your consumer. Believe it or not, you can actually take the lead in that relationship online and encourage a response.

Something to remember throughout your online presence is that you have two great opportunities. The first is to help consumers find what they need to do business with you easier. The second is to represent your brand well by educating and interacting with your consumers. Both of these can help substantially in effectively converting a potential audience into a loyal consumer base.

The first place to start: Your Website

If your website isn’t easy to navigate or have clear calls to action that help you in your end goal, why would we send people there?

  • Is there a form for consumers to fill out? Are you reaching out to them or are they supposed to reach out to you?
  • Can they easily write an outstanding review or give feedback through your website?
  • Is it easy to find your contact information, hours and directions?

Feel like you are be questioned under a hot lamp? Don’t Worry! We are asking for your own good. We want digital marketing to be effective for our clients; that includes having clear expectations and goals in mind. Consider a meeting with our team to see what kind of goal oriented solutions we could provide for you.