Local Awareness Advertising for Your Business

If you aren’t advertising on Facebook yet and think that you can still organically reach people to get them into your store, your business is losing money.

I know…you’ve built all those fans on your Facebook page all these years and it was free and was awesome and your business did see some people who came in that would never have known you were there.

But, that was so 2012. The new Facebook, while not requiring you to pay anything, has made it clear that you need to pay to play.

It’s that simple.

Facebook isn’t making you pay tons of tons of money to get your message out and has actually come up with a great feature in its ads tool called “Local Awareness Ads” and, frankly, this might be the best tool for local businesses using social media that I have ever seen.

If you could spend $10 to target 18,000 potential customers for a sale happening one day at your store, wouldn’t you spend it? That $10 could mean your ad reaches between 3,400-9,100 people!Local Awareness Ads For Facebook

That’s what Local Awareness Ads does.

Here’s how:

Facebook allows you to hyper target people it believes will be in your area. Local Awareness Ads For Facebook

Local Awareness Ads For FacebookThat’s it. Let’s say I’m 1 mile away from your restaurant and I’m scrolling through my news feed and see an ad from your restaurant offering 50% off appetizers and happy hour drinks. I click on the call to action, which is “get directions” and my phone’s map app opens telling me how to get there.

Well, I was hungry, didn’t know you were around…here I come.

The premise works for any store as well. 50% off selected clothes or products…well, I am in the area. I’ll stop in.

Does this get your page engagement? Probably not.

Does it get your page likes? Maybe.

Does it get you paying customers?


We are working more and more with local businesses that are seeing the benefit of Facebook AND Twitter ads. Isn’t it time you looked into it?