Google AdWords: Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions have been part of the Google AdWords Toolbox for a while. Ad Extensions are a way to extend the message delivered to potential customers in the search engine results page. And now, your Google AdWords Quality Score can be improved with the use of Ad Extensions.

What are Ad Extensions?

There are a number of ad extensions. The most popular are:

  1. Sitelinks Extensions
  2. Location Extensions
  3. Call Extensions
  4. Call-out Extensions

Sitelinks Extensions are text links to drive consumers deeper into a website from the search engine results page. The links at the bottom of the ad copy are links to sections of the website. You are advertising your new restaurant in town, adding Sitelinks to your Paid Search ad copy allows potential customers to connect directly to your menu, your Daily Specials, information about your Location or listing of Special Events directly from your ad copy. Sitelinks engage customers faster, easier and gets them to the information they are seeking without having to do a second search once they arrive on your website.


Location Extensions provides your street address. This is particularly useful if you a brick & mortar location and all a customer needs is your address.


Call Extensions are particularly useful for mobile users. Many mobile devices allow a customer to call you directly from the ad copy in the search engine results page. There is no additional charge for this service. Google is able to provide you with a unique phone number specific to your paid search campaigns With this unique number, Google is able to provide statistics the usage of the number, including the number of calls, time of day and the length of the call. Also, you are able to schedule when call extensions appear in the search engine results page, so they are displayed only during your business


Call-Out Extensions are a new feature and allow advertisers to extend their ad copy with an additional 35 character message. This extension for listing a special event or sale or announcing a new feature or product.


Expand your message to potential customers in Google Search results and increase quality traffic, enhance the user experience, improve Quality Score in Google AdWords and watch your bottom line grow.