5 Tips for Successful Website Redesign

website_redesign_photoAre you in the market for a website redesign? Prior to hiring a web developer, there are several steps you can take on the front end to ensure smooth sailing.

  1. Document all web credentials. This includes domain registration, hosting and any admin access to your existing website. Now is also the time to transfer any ownership that another company may have. It is always advisable, in my opinion, to have complete control over these account.
  2. Determine what your site should and shouldn’t do. Consider what actions you want visitors to take on the site and highlight areas of importance. Are they filling out a form, getting a whitepaper, signing up for your newsletter? Make a list of top priorities.
  3. Review and refine your content. I bet you haven’t read any of your website pages in a long time. Peruse through the content and get rid of outdated info and polish up the good stuff.
  4. Review images. Are your photos outdated or just not that great? This is an important element when it comes to a redesign. Consider taking professional photographs.
  5. Browse the web. Take some time to look at your competitor’s sites and other websites to get a feel for what you like/ don’t like. This is very helpful to website designers to get started on the right track. Point out any aspects of your current site that you like/don’t like as well.

If you are interested in talking to someone about a website redesign, contact us for more information. We will help you every step along the way to ensure your next website project is successful.