SEO and Website Layout – Made in Heaven

SEO and Layout for a flawless experience.

“Glorified Website Updater-er”, I take that title with pride. It gives me the opportunity to give the user an experience on the websites I helped build for clients and our radio station partners. I want the user to find what they are looking for without jumping through hoops, or hovering banners interrupting their mission.


I’m building or updating a website…do these plans have SEO in them?

Nothing makes me more irritated than being directed or sent to an incorrect page, dead link, or the opposite of what you were looking for. I think most people get irritated for the same reasons. I want the user to get to the page where the answers to their questions live without feeling overwhelmed with content.

Utilize your layout space and take into account what you need, and what is fluff.

Speak to the user, not at them.

First, I need to do is take the copy written for “Radio” and rewrite it to properly convey the message on a website. I also rewrite copy for each audience on, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Not only must you follow character limits, but users read Tweets much differently than they do posts on Facebook. Then, cut out the “middle men”= no links out of the page for the same info. If we are asking the user to enter to win a prize, put the form on the same page as the contest information. If you feel your page is too “wordy”, this can be easily broken into sections by using Headings. Be sure to place your Contest Rules on the same page as well as sponsors. If the sponsor logos below all the verbiage look to be too much, place their logos in the unused Right Column. There are many ways to make your layout exemplary and keep the user on one page. A great user experience means they will come back!

So you built the page, but can it be found?

Recently, I migrated one of our station sites over to a new CMS platform. The most important reason was the ability to place SEO fields onto the website, which we couldn’t do with our previous CMS platform. This station is extremely promotionally active and we had to rely being found for our promotions via Social Media and Radio spots. What about the users searching the web for the event or promotion? Without SEO, you almost don’t exist on the web. Sure, your URL is indexed, but when you cannot update pages with specific details to speak to the SERP’s, you are looked over. Without specified keywords in the Title and Meta Description, it is hard to be found for just content.

Now we have SERP’s indexing our website for more than just our call letters and consumer name. We can have our Events, Live Broadcasts, Photo Albums, Staff Blog Posts, etc, all indexed for users to search and find.

If you are a very active business and do not have SEO fields on your website, I suggest you contact us so we can help you get found and help the people who found you get the information you need them to get!